From October 25th through November 15th the Four Winds is in Dry Dock. CLICK HERE  for info.

Four Winds II - Glass Bottom Viewing Room


Room Size: 65 Square Feet
Panels: 3/4 Inch Thick Lexan
Underwater Viewing: 180 Degrees
Location: Inside Port Hull, Below the Waterline
Access: Ladder-Style Staircase

Maui's Unique Glass Bottom Boat

Four Winds II is the only vessel on Maui to have a glass bottom viewing room that you can actually sit in!  While other boats are only outfitted with a simple viewing port, they do not offer the 180 degree, total-immersion experience that sitting in an actual room, with glass below and in-front of you, provides!. It’s almost like sitting directly on top of the water!

When it comes to a non-swimmer, young child or grandparent, that is able go up and down the ladder-style staircase, there is nothing that can compare to our glass bottom viewing room, for providing them a great way to take a glimpse under the water without even having to get wet!  Even those who have apprehensions with snorkeling, and questions about "what's below", can simply sit, relax and watch from the safety and comfort of this unique room!  And this is no small room either!  Our glass bottom room can accommodate three to five kids and a few adults all at the same time.

No Other Like It On Maui!

Sometimes, when the opportunity permits, our underwater diver will give the lucky people inside the room a show too!  Our diver can even capture photos or video from outside looking in. Because the glass bottom room is inside the port hull, just below the waterline, an experienced swimmer or snorkeler can do a shallow dive and swim-up and say "aloha" to family or friends that may be inside the room.  In fact, there is no better photo opportunity than the expression on your child's face when they look through the glass, for the first time, and see the fish or even watch mom or dad snorkel or SNUBA.  And for the grandparent (or non-swimmer) who wants to be "part of the action" but does not want to swim, this gives them the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of watching the family snorkel.

We had this unique glass bottom feature specially incorporated into our boat design in order to provide everyone a chance to see and experience what is below the amazing underwater world of Molokini and Coral Gardens.  This is just another one of the many reasons why the Four Winds II is the boat for everyone!